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You Can Now Sleep At The Legendary Texas Chainsaw Massacre Gas Station

You can rent a cabin at the site of legendary Chainsaw Massacre.
You Can Now Sleep At The Legendary Texas Chainsaw Massacre Gas Station

The legendary site of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre in Bastrop, Texas is open for nightly visitors. In 2016, The Texas Gas Station refurbished four rustic cabins on its site for Texas's most risk-taking guests to spend the night in. If you're looking for the perfect place to scare your pants off, booking a cabin here is the way to go. 

Texas has its fair share of scary stories and urban legends that are passed down from generation to generation. Most myths are based on actual locations in the Lone Star state, bringing huge crowds of locals to visit rumored ghost and murder sites. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is undeniably the most renowned scary story, having been made into a multitude of cult-classic movies. 

If you think you could survive a night out in the middle of nowhere on the site of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, you can book your room on the Gas Station's website. There are four rustic cabins available that sleep up to 3 adults at a time, or 2 adults and 2 children. The spooky cabins go for $129.00 per night for a single night and $110.00 per night for two or more nights. You can also stay at The Gas Station on their camping grounds in a tent, up to 3 guests per tent, for $55 a night.

Stay in a cabin and watch horror movies all night or pull an all-nighter and tell scary Texas stories in a tent on the campground. It's the coolest, new spot in Texas to get scared out of your mind!

If you love the horror classics but can't stand the idea of sleeping in a rustic cabin at the site of the massacre, the Gas Station also sells killer BBQ for daytime visitors. Brisket, sausage, and chopped beef are on the menu at the chilling location. There's also merchandise and Texas Chainsaw memorabilia available for all horror fans. 

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Gas Station is located at 1073 SH 304 Bastrop, Texas 78602.

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