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You Can Try The Craziest Sweet Drinks At This Austin Patisserie

Beat those rainy day blues with the biggest meringue drinks and treats in Austin.

This spring has been the rainiest and gloomiest season for Texans and it is just getting exhausting. But the murky weather doesn't have to ruin your day when you stop by Fluff Meringues & More in central Austin for one of their giant fluffy hot chocolates, coffees, teas, and treats! Enjoy the greatest pick-me-up ever with the tastiest, sweetest sips and eats in town.

Fluff Meringues & More is full of the cutest and most intricate desserts and hot drinks that you can find in Austin. Their menu includes a long list of marshmallows, madeleines, mousses, custards, pies, cheese boards, pavlovas and of course, giant meringue drinks. You can come for appetizers, drinks or desserts, making it the perfect spot for hanging out during the gloomy weather.

Their list of loaded meringue drinks includes chai lattes, vanilla toffee treat, matcha latte, french press, an assortment of coffees and hot chocolate. You can get the hot drinks served regularly or topped with whipped cream or their giant display of decadent, beautiful meringue.

They also serve up the tallest tea towers for an amazing long afternoon hangout with friends. Their towers come with the tastiest treats loaded up on their pretty tower displays. Bring a group of family or friends and have the greatest afternoon tea ever.

Their lovely desserts are so tasty and their prices are great too! Desserts go for $2 to $15 for scones, cookies, meringues all the way to full cakes. Their drink menu ranges from $3 to $5 per tasty hot beverage plus extra for any loaded toppings. 

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Fluff Meringues & More is located at 4800 Burnet Road #450, Austin, TX 78756.