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This Hyperloop Train Will Get You From Austin To Dallas In 19 Minutes

The Hyperloop One will take you to all of the top Texas cities in less than an hour.
This Hyperloop Train Will Get You From Austin To Dallas In 19 Minutes

New initiatives are being made for the construction of the fastest transportation method in Texas, the Hyperloop One. It was just announced at SXSW in Austin, Texas that the federal government will be supporting the advancement of the incredible tube line. Imagine being able to travel to and from the biggest Texas cities in less than an hour each way!

Last night it was announced by U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao that there is a new transportation technology council that will put in all of its efforts to get the amazing futuristic Virgin Hyperloop One line up and running along with other new forms of quick transportation.

The massive tech company and brilliant minds that proposed the construction of the Hyperloop One in 2017 would connect the biggest cities in Texas for the quickest land travel that has ever been seen in the state. The fast-traveling tube would be an incredible leap forward in transportation advancements with their new-age approach of transporting passengers through comfortable pods carried through a 600+ mile long transit tube.

Rendering of a Hyperloop pod interior.Rendering of a Hyperloop pod interior.Virgin Hyperloop

The new Virgin Hyperloop One would connect the cities of Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Laredo all together through its giant transit lines. With a hyper route like this, you could literally cross the entire state in a few hours. And it would be unbelievably cheaper than any airplane ride.

A typical drive from Austin to San Antonio takes around 1.5 hours by car, but by Hyperloop One it would take about 9 minutes. Dallas to Austin would take just under 20 minutes and Houston to Dallas would take less than an hour.

After the big announcement from the Transportation Secretary at the SXSW conference, Texans are beyond excited for the eventual opening of the Hyperloop One, or any other new form of rapid transportation that could cover the entire state of Texas.

Rendering of a Hyperloop pod.Rendering of a Hyperloop pod.Virgin Hyperloop

Unfortunately, Texans will have to be patient as the legalities and logistics of the proposed transport system are being discussed and sorted out. But the big endorsement from the federal government at SXSW is a great step in the direction towards new, advanced travel in the U.S. and it is predicted that the Virgin Hyperloop One may be completed and functioning by 2028.

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