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Austin Is Getting A Brand New Asian Fusion Restaurant With The Craziest Dishes

Home of the Mangonadas
Austin Is Getting A Brand New Asian Fusion Restaurant With The Craziest Dishes

If you think Austin has it all, you'd be wrong. The city doesn't quite have everything we need, until the end of this year that is. You may have heard of the California chain Zero Degrees, you're one-stop shop for all things Asian-Hispanic cuisine. Soon, Austin will finally have a Zero Degrees of their own and people will be lining up and down the street to get their hands on the restaurant's delicious food. The anticipation is killing us!

According to CultureMap, the restaurant will be opening in Austin by the end of 2019. The highly-anticipated arrival doesn't have an exact date yet, but we're keeping our eyes open for more news. Cedar Park will also be getting a location before 2019 is up, so those who live further North won't have to make such a far drive.

Zero Degrees is open in their many locations from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m., Monday through Friday. Their food will easily be your go-to lunch in the middle of a busy work day. 

Dallas already has several locations, and just keeps getting new ones due to high demand. Houston and San Antonio are also lucky enough to be well-acquainted with their Asian-Hispanic treats. 

Their menu consists of many delicious treats. Some of which include mangonadas, split cups, elotes, and more! Just seeing pictures of the food is enough to make our mouth water. 

While you're waiting on Zero Degrees to arrive in your city, eats like these may be closer than you think. Even El Paso has elote and mangonadas galore. Wherever you live, give your tastebuds something to explode over by grabbing some delicious cuisine.

Zero Degrees

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Asian-Hispanic

Address: 4211 S. Lamar Dr., Ste. A4

Why you need to go: Everything you're craving in one place, Austin will have a Zero Degrees and for many it'll be that much easier to get their hands on some delicious food. 


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