Bad news, millennials and guac-lovers alike: avocado prices don't look like they're going anywhere but up for the next little while. Avocado prices in Canada have risen from about $1 each to $2 each. A number of factors have contributed to the unfortunate price hike, including lower supply from California and Mexico and higher demand.

The shortage in California avocados was mostly due to hotter and dryer weather. David Magaña, a horticulture analyst, told NPR that higher summer temperatures greatly impacted crop blooming, causing yields to be lower.

This left North America's main avocado producer, Mexico, to pick up the slack. Unfortunately, July is already a low point for production in Mexico, which caused prices to rise even higher. After all, 95% of the avocados sold in Canada are produced in Mexico.

Of course, the other problem is the skyrocketing demand for avocados. Anyone who has paid attention to food trends knows that the humble avocado is one of the hottest ingredients on the market, with Canadians spending roughly $300 million on avocados every year.

Another problem with the rising price of avocados is the quality of the product itself. While avocados exported to Canada have risen in quality over the years, lately the ones on store shelves have been smaller and less flavorful

The increase in price and scarcity of quality product has led to another problem: restaurants and other businesses making fake guacamole.

Professor Sylvain Charlebois from Dalhousie University told the National Post that restaurants are turning to "edamame, broccoli, green peas or even asparagus" to make guacamole. In some cases, restaurants are not even telling customers about these substitutions.

For anyone who can't start the day without their avocado toast, it looks like they'll probably have to spend a little bit more until September or October, when production in Mexico will start to rise again.

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