People Are Comparing Avril Lavigne To Billie Eilish And Canadians Are Not Impressed

But they're both so talented?
People Are Comparing Avril Lavigne To Billie Eilish And Canadians Are Not Impressed

Millennials aren't taking the news that this generation may have replaced their original "bad girl" Avril Lavigne with "bad guy" Billie Eilish. Although Avril Lavigne returned to the music scene earlier this year with a whole album, Billie Eilish is the artist who took home an MTV VMA without even showing up to the awards. Despite the facts, Canadians are adamant that Avril Lavigne is, and will always be, a queen. The comparison between Avril Lavigne and Billie Eilish isn't sitting well with Canadian fans. 

Billie Eilish herself has said many times how much she looked up to Lavigne as an idol when developing her style. If the way fans are reacting to the comparison is any indication of how well she embodied the classic Lavigne persona, I'd say she did pretty well. Even though she took major influence from the Canadian princess I think it's safe to say she became her own person with unique music. That hasn't stopped people from arguing about the comparison on Twitter though. 

In one tweet a user wrote, 'this generation has Billie Eilish, but we had Avril Lavigne." Her harmless tweet sparked an entire controversy with over 1200 responses. 

People didn't even want the two being mentioned in the same sentence, "Please do not put them both in the same sentence. Avril does not deserve that disrespect."

Other Twitter users were just shocked at the audacity of the tweet: 

And some Avril fans just laid out the obvious: the Canadian queen is still around. 

Everything would be easier if fans of both AMAZING artists respected both of their insane talents. After all, Billie Eilish is a huge fan of Avril and has even thanked her for making her what she is. But it looks like for the fans, the Avril Lavigne vs. Billie Eilish feud is only just beginning. 

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