If you grew up in Canada during the early 2000s, the chances of you having memorized Avril Lavigne's entire discography are pretty high. As a kid, I was a huge fan of Avril (she was actually the first concert I went to), but over the past few years, she's stepped out of the limelight. Fear not though, she's still alive and well! Avril Lavigne and billionaire boyfriend Phillip Sarofim were spotted on a shopping trip.

If you're not familiar with Avril's boyfriend, his name is Phillip Sarofim and in 2015, he was named the 847th richest person on the planet. The two met at a dinner party hosted by mutual friends, and have been quietly dating for over a year now.

On June 15th, the pair was spotted out shopping at Couture Kids in West Hollywood, California. Despite not being Canadian, Sarofim was showing some love to our country with a Canadian t-shirt, while Avril rocked a vintage tee and some slides.

Avril has been staying pretty lowkey lately. Back in 2015, the singer opened up to fans about her struggle with Lyme Disease, which is a bacterial infection spread to humans by infected ticks. She admitted that dealing with these health issues was incredibly hard for her, and at one point she even felt like she had "accepted death".

In an interview with Billboard, Avril said, "I had accepted that I was dying and I felt in that moment like I was underwater and drowning, and I was trying to come up to gasp for air. And literally under my breath, I was like, ‘God, help me keep my head above the water.’”

With time, Avril has found strength in her pain and is now releasing new music, performing, and obviously maintaining a happy and healthy relationship with her boyfriend, as well as with her ex, Canadian singer Chad Kroeger.