Avril Lavigne Just Made The Best Come Back Ever & Fans Are Freaking Out

Have you heard her new album yet?
Avril Lavigne Just Made The Best Come Back Ever & Fans Are Freaking Out

Avril Lavigne shocked the world earlier this year when she released her first album after a five-year hiatus. The album reached number one in Canada after she proved once again that she is a Canadian ICON. Now, five months later, she's back again to keep the momentum of her come-back going. Avril Lavigne released the I Fell In Love With The Devil music video - her first video in six years - and fans are freaking out on social media. 

She's been teasing the release of this music video for a few weeks now and she did not disappoint.

The video had almost 300k views on YouTube after being up for just a few hours.

Fans on Twitter think this is the best thing she's ever released and are showering the Canadian princess with compliments. 

This comeback is extra special for Lavigne. She didn't willingly take five years off from the music industry. If you've been following her story you'll know that her fight with Lyme Disease has been rough, which made her newest album all the more special.

At one point in her Lyme Disease journey, she even accepted the possibility of her death. We can only imagine what this album means to her. 

Fans aren't the only ones excited about Lavigne's new comeback. Celebs have also joined in on praising the artist.

Billie Eilish recently posted an Instagram photo with her, captioned, "THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME WHAT I AM." 

Lavigne also announced her Head Above Water tour that'll be happening later this year. She'll be performing here in Toronto on October 6 and in 14 other American cities.

If you want to support Lavigne's tour, click here for tickets. 

We can't wait for more Avril Lavigne content!