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Avril Lavigne’s Cousin Proposed To His Girlfriend On Stage At Her Toronto Concert (VIDEO)

Avril Lavigne has been on her North American comeback tour, Head Above Water Tour, and raising money for her Lyme Disease charity for almost a month now. This past weekend she performed her only Canadian concert date. Her Toronto show at the Sony Centre marked her fist Canadian concert she's had in five years but that's not all that made the night special. The Canadian singer had some special guests come up on stage with her and even gained a new family member.

Lavigne released her first album in six years earlier this year after her five year battle with Lyme Disease. Toronto also has a special place in her heart, it houses the first home she ever purchased and is just a few hours away from her hometown. When she announced she had some family members in the venue, it was no surprise. What was a surprise was what happened when those family members walked out on stage. 

She started by introducing her cousin Bernie Lavigne who is actually her father's identical twin son who she talked about in the past as looking so similar to her own brother. He took over by explaining that there was actually another reason for being on stage. He then pulled something out of his pocket, turned to the girl he brought on stage with him, and knelt on one knee. 

While it was obvious a proposal was going on, the audience couldn't hear his exact words. They did, however, get to see her enthusiastic nod and embrace followed by Lavigne's, "She said yes!" "Welcome to the family." 

That wasn't the only special guest that Lavigne brought on stage for her concert. The band 5 Seconds of Summer were also in Toronto this weekend for their concert on October 8 with The Chainsmokers. Michael Clifford, the guitarist and vocalist in the band, came out on stage to play "Sk8r Boi" with her. 

Avril Lavigne is in the final stretch of her Head Above Water Tour with only two dates left. Although this comeback tour was everything fans could've hoped for, hopefully, her next tour will have some more Canadian dates!

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