BC's Provincial Health Officer Had A Socially Distanced Party & It Was 'Awkward'

Honestly, same.
Awkward To Practice Physical Distancing: BC Provincial Health Officer Had A Strange Party

Have you forgotten how to hang out with your friends? As provinces in Canada start to open up after drastic changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it could be weird seeing other people again. B.C.'s Dr. Bonnie Henry knows that first hand. She said that she had some friends over recently and it was awkward to practice physical distancing.

In her update on Monday, May 18, the provincial health officer brought everyone up to speed on the status of COVID-19 in B.C. The curve has almost completely flattened and there are just 335 cases right now.

Phase Two in the province begins on Tuesday, May 19 and it includes reopening places like restaurants and retailers and relaxing limits on who you can spend time with.

Since we're all headed back to things that used to be normal for us like eating out and getting hair cuts, Dr. Henry had a few words to share about her experience with moving into a new normal.

"For many the transition, brings anticipation, but it also for many brings further apprehension and anxiety," she said.

"We are still learning the new ways of safe social interactions and doing things we've never had to do before. And that in itself can create anxiety and concern."

Dr. Henry said that she had her own socially distanced party and had a few friends over on Sunday, May 17.

"I had a small number of friends over and we sat outside at an appropriate distance from each other but it was a bit awkward and strange and a little bit anxiety-provoking, not having socialized for several months," she said.

She also said that the stress of it all could be hard for some people to bear and encouraged people to access services if they need to.

As restrictions start to ease and people start to expand their social circles, she addressed the potential for a flare-up in cases.

"We will be watching very carefully and we will ensure that we have the testing, the contract tracing, and the ability to manage any new cases that we see."

She said that we do have to move forward carefully, though and that we're all in this together.

In B.C., you can get together in groups of two to six with safe social distancing measures as part of Phase Two.

And even though the beaches in Vancouver look pretty full from time to time, the province is overall doing a good job.

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