In adorable fluffy animal news, a baby bison was just born in a park near Saskatoon. The new addition looks like a fluffy cow and is tiny compared to a massive full-grown bison. The park where she lives will be giving updates on the new baby bison in Saskatchewan so we can follow along with her online and it's even cuter than it seems.

On Earth Day last Wednesday, April 22, the baby bison was born in Wanuskewin Heritage Park. The park is located on ancient Indigenous land just a 13-minute drive from Saskatoon and was once famous for its herds of bison.

Sadly, the last bison in Wanuskewin park was born before 1876. That's when the species went extinct in that area, making her the first bison born there in over 150 years.

There's no better timing for her to come into the world. She'll be growing up as the first of her species born on the land in a park that's mostly empty of humans.

The park, like so many other attractions, has been closed like due to COVID-19. But worry not, because this baby will be getting plenty of love and care from the staff and its loving parents.

The video shows a caramel coloured fluffy baby nuzzling with another giant bison. Her fur is much lighter in colour, a reddish-brown.

According to their YouTube, the current herds at their park are made up of numbers from Grasslands National Park, as well as several from the US with ties to Yellowstone National Park.

One of their long-term goals is to bring bison back to the land, according to their fundraising page. It looks like they're already well on their way.

We reached Wanuskewin Park for comment and will update this article.

There's a ton of other places to see bison in Canada if you're not in Saskatchewan. Take a hike through Alberta's Banff National Park to spot herds in their natural habitat.

Or you could head to Wood Buffalo National park near Calgary to check out their roaming herds. It's even in the name.

This fuzzy friend has got a long life full of adventures ahead of it. As the first bison born after so many years, she's got a lot to live up to.