It's a Tuesday night that feels like it should be Friday, and you're craving comfort that'll give you all the warm fuzzies. What's better than a 38-minute video of adorable baby animals? Oregon State University just released a live cam showing that baby chicks are hatching and you can watch them take their wobbly first steps.

*Awww* Would you look at their little faces?

According to Fox12 Oregon news, this is the sixth year that the university has broadcast their beloved 'chick cam.' 

The baby chicks began hatching today and you'll be able to continue watching them enter the world through next Friday, April 3 at 5 p.m. PST.

TBH, it's the cute, lighthearted entertainment we need right now. 

Once the babies hatch, they're moved to a special warm brooding pen that is kept at 95 F. They'll stay there for a while to regulate their body temperatures. 

The live stream video will switch off between our newly born fluffy friends and those yet to come out of their eggs.

There are some dark-colored ones and yellow fluffy ones too. They're all so clumsy! 

The cutest thing has to be when they hear a sound and stare right into the camera. 

So what happens when the chickens grow up? You don't need to worry. There are no sad stories here.

After they mature, the birds will go home with select Oregon State University 4-H club members and be shown at state and county fairs. 

Smile for the camera! *clucks*

We're glad to see these little birds getting the TLC they need and it's so fun to watch them enter the world for the very first time.

Whether you're bored in the house and need something to watch or are looking for a fun way to keep the kids busy, you can't beat a baby animal live stream.

Oregon State University: Chickcam

Price: Free

Why You Should Watch It: You can watch cute fluffy chicks hatching on a live cam.