Spring is the time of blooming flowers, warming temps, and total cuteness overload as baby animals everywhere start filling our social media feeds. Florida is no exception, and right now, we’re gushing over the two baby eagle chicks that were just born a couple of days ago! Fuzzy and feisty, you can even watch them on the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam right now.

Tagged as E15 and E16, E15 peeped into the world about three days ago, followed by E16 yesterday. The E’s, as they are affectionally called on the Eagle Cam website, are currently very vocal and periodically hide under mama’s wings to escape the Florida sun.

The nest is occupied by an eagle pair known as Harriet and M15. Harriet has been frequenting this nest since 2006 with her original mate Ozzie. Ozzie passed away in early fall 2015, and in late fall, Harriet had bonded with M15. This is now their fifth season as a pair at this nest! Talk about lovebirds.

This is the eighth season that the nests are being monitored. The Slash Pine tree that Harriet and M15’s family rests in is 60 feet above the ground, and the interactive 360-degree camera lets you see the area from an eagle’s view.

The two cameras are both environmentally friendly and non-intrusive, so we can watch and study the eagle family without taking away from their natural life.

You can tune in any time of day to check up on the eagle family and see how the babies are getting along.

E16 is already challenging E15 for food, so it’s sure to be entertaining.

Animal live cams are a great way to stay entertained while at home, and you can you fill of fluffy cuteness any time!