If you're still trying to take in how incredible Disney+ and its seemingly endless content is, you're not alone. The new streaming service launched only a week ago and already impressed 10 million people who subscribed on the first day in Canada, the US, and the Netherlands. Tomorrow it launches in Australia and New Zealand, too. Tons of users were so excited for the throwback shows from their childhood, like That's So Raven and Boy Meets WorldBut there's also loads of new and exclusive Disney+ content as well. The new series featuring Baby Yoda in The Mandalorian on Disney+ has tons of Twitter users in love. 

The new TV show is a spin-off from the Star Wars franchise, which already has countless fans all over the world. 

Although there are generally mixed reviews about the series, the one thing everyone seems to be able to agree on is the fact that Baby Yoda is one of the cutest TV creatures ever.

And according to Cheat Sheet, "the character is most certainly not a baby – he’s a fifty-year-old alien teacher that just looks like a baby."

So in case you were confused, the adorable character isn't actually the Yoda we already know, but someone from the same breed as him.

Twitter users who have watched the show expressed just how much they adore Baby Yoda in all sorts of hilarious ways.

One user wrote, "After watching both episodes of the Mandalorian I have come to the conclusion that baby Yoda is THE cutest thing in the entire galaxy and I would 100% die for him." 

Another person wrote, "I have never seen anything cuter or anything I want more than baby yoda".

And another user hilariously wrote, "Experienced baby fever for the first time ever today while watching baby yoda. If anything happens to him, be ready to see the entire world burn."

One person even shared a video and tweeted, "The sound Baby Yoda makes when he falls down in his crib is just the cutest".

Another person shared an adorable cartoon photo of Baby Yoda too.

And of course, the thread of Baby Yoda appreciation wouldn't be complete without an iconic Twitter meme from the user who wrote, "Never talk to me or my 50 year old son again."

Check out the trailer for The Mandalorian below.

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