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Bachelor Winter Games Contestant Benoit Beauséjour-Savard Tells Us Everything That We're Dying To Know

Benoit shares how he's getting over the breakup, his experience on the show, and more!
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Bachelor Winter Games Contestant Benoit Beauséjour-Savard Tells Us Everything That We're Dying To Know

This article was originally posted in July 2018

Benoit Beauséjour-Savard made his reality-TV debut back in 2016, on Jasmine Lorimer's season of The Bachelorette Canada. The sweet Quebecois stole the hearts of many when he was on the air. 

Even though it didn't work out for Benoit and Jasmine, he still remains friends with her to this day! Most recently, Benoit revived his reality-TV show persona when he went onto the brand new series, The Bachelor Winter Games

Benoit was one of two Canadians that joined the international cast. Benoit's sweet and genuine demeanor won the hearts of viewers, but also the heart of one fellow contestant, Clare Crawley. The show aired their budding romance, which ultimately turned into a full-fledged engagement on the BWG reunion episode. 

Unfortunately, Benoit and Clare just announced that they are breaking their engagement. Even though they've split, they're both in good spirits and still adore each other. We asked Benoit all about his time on the BWG, his break-up with Clare, and what he's going to do next! 

Check out the full interview below. 

1. What has life been like after The Bachelor Winter Games ended? 

Actually, we filmed the show in December. So, right after the show ended, Clare and I started dating and we saw each other multiple times in California. In the restaurants and hotels industry, the winter season is kind of slow, so it was easy for me to take time off to do these trips.

Outside of travelling, I’m still the same guy working at the same restaurant that I love. The only thing that changed is the fact that a lot of people know about my private life.

2. Are you still in Montreal? Describe a typical day in the life of Benoit?

I'm still living in beautiful Montreal. I love to be surrounded by people. At work, I make sure every guest has a wonderful experience, and I love interacting with them. I also ensure that the service and food is up to our standards. Outside of work, I love hanging out with my friends and family. We keep busy with activities, such as sports events, concerts, gym and sports, cooking, and ultimately, getting some fresh air. As you have probably seen on TV, I have a lot of energy.

We understand A lot of you have been asking about relationship since the show, and we wanted to thank you all for the love and respect as we navigated it in real life off camera. We do understand however, having a public engagement on TV kind of changes that. It's with a heavy heart that we have mutually decided to end our relationship. We think the world of eachother, and we were both hoping we could make this work. I'm sorry that this may not be what you want to hear, but it's our truth. Just know there are no negative feelings here, we are simply two people who believed in love, and were open enough to give it a chance. We still care for each other very deeply (That is why no hate or disrespectful comments will be tolerated about the other.) Please respect our privacy as well, as with the end of any relationship, it is never easy. Thank you for your understanding and love while we have shared our vulnerability with the world. ❤️ Clare & Benoît

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3. Fans really appreciated your heartfelt statement on Instagram announcing that you and Claire have split. How are you dealing with the breakup? 

Break-ups are always super hard on me. I'm an intense and passionate person. So, I fall in love in an intense way and I feel the same intensity during the heartbreaks. The fact the engagement was public made the breakup even more difficult for the two of us.

I'm currently using Kevin Wendt's "getting over a heartbreak" recipe which is pretty much an equal combination of work, gym, and bed.

4. Do you have anything you'd like to share with your fans about moving forward in the next chapter of your life? 

I just want to thank them for understanding that both Clare and I did put our hearts on the table, but unfortunately, it didn't work out. It doesn't mean I am giving up on love because I’m sure there is my special someone out there that I will meet one day.

Right now, I think it's just important to move on and to turn the page. You learn so much about yourself on these shows because you are facing things that you were never prepared for.

5. Looking back, how would you describe your experience on The Bachelor Winter Games?

The Bachelor Winter Games was a fun and unique experience. First, I knew I’d be reunited with my friend Kevin on it. He was my roommate on The Bachelorette Canada. So, I was pumped to have him by my side once again.

Second, I didn't expect the meet such a nice group of people. In every season ofThe Bachelor, there was always one villain, until we did that show. Everybody was so damn nice! We all shared the same mansion so that made the friendships grow a lot faster than normal life. We were cooking, cleaning, and sharing these casual moments that allowed us to see who we really are. There was depth to these relationships.

Third, competing in the sports challenges! I've always dreamt of being an athlete even though I knew the competition level on the show was far from the Olympics ha ha ha! That part was so much fun, and it brings people together.

Fourth, international people! There are so many things to learn about each other’s culture, and that was the most interesting thing.

The whole experience was incredible.

6. Do you keep in touch with anyone from your season of The Bachelorette? What about The Bachelor Winter Games? We'd love to know! 

By far, Kevin Pattee from The Bachelorette Canada was my best friend on the show. We’ve hung out multiple times since then. Even though he is super busy modeling all around the globe, we talk often. Also, Kevin Wendt from these two shows is a good buddy, and we talk on a regular basis. I still talk to Jasmine once in a while.

From The Bachelor Winter Games, I’m still in touch with Michael G. and Stassi. They are two of the funniest people that I know, and I had such a good time with them on BWG.

7. Would you ever consider doing another reality tv show? If so, which one?!

This is a good question. If it's a dating show like The Bachelor, it will all depend on the timing of where I'm at in my life, and I will need to make sure I’m fully recovered from the last breakup. I may be open to it…

Kevin P. and I have discussed a few times about doing The Amazing Race. We, for sure, would be the best team and that sounds fun too.

8. Do you have any exciting plans for the future or projects that you're currently working on that you can share with your fans?

In the future, I’m looking forward to some big trips around the globe. I got to go see Kevin P. in Thailand, but also some soccer trips in Europe with my brother.

There are also other projects on the table that I can't tell you about yet. 😉

We can't wait to see what the future holds for this adorable Canadian!

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