Probably at the pinnacle of the list of most memorable boy bands are the Backstreet Boys. With hits like "Backstreet's Back" and "I Want It That Way", their melodic voices and smooth choreographed dance moves had us all swooning back in the day. While it may not be the '90s anymore, it's time to get ready, '90s babies, because Backstreet's back, alright — and they have multiple stops on their 2020 tour in Florida.

Every Backstreet fan had their favorite boy, and while we'll be over here swooning over Nick Carter forever, the boys are back and ready to put on shows throughout the Sunshine State.

The Backstreet Boys 2020 DNA World Tour will stop not only in Jacksonville on September 25, but also West Palm Beach on September 26. They'll wrap up their Florida tour stops in Tampa on September 27.

Our inner fan-girl is screaming right now!

Pre-sale tix for the show are available now, ranging in price between the cheapest at $31.76 for the back row up to $136.76 for the front row. 

If you want to get even closer to the stage, you're looking at nearly $300 for the standing room floor — with a price of $296.76 to be exact.

To get in on the pre-sale, you'll need to have or create a Ticketmaster account and wait in the queue to snag your spot. If you're a Ticketmaster Fan-Club member, a special code can get you additional offers.

If you'd rather wait it out, official public ticket sales start on Friday, February 14 at noon Eastern Time.

But Florida isn't the only state who's getting this heavy dose of nostalgia. Many other countries, states, and cities will have the Backstreet back for them too! To see if a show is coming near you and to get your tix, check out the Backstreet Boys' tour site here.