22 Secret Places In Baltimore To Bring Your Girlfriend This Fall

Say hello to these hidden gems.
22 Secret Places In Baltimore To Bring Your Girlfriend This Fall

Baltimore is one hell of a city. It's hard not to love a city that's been referenced constantly in song lyrics. It always feels like the city is buzzing with energy with so many new and exciting places to explore.

Everybody falls into that trap of reading or seeing photos of new establishments on Instagram and saying, "Oh, I should go there," but never actually doing it. That list gets longer and longer, kind of like your Netflix list.

But that's why this list is for you and for your girlfriend. Leave work and other responsibilities behind and take your girlfriend out on some really amazing dates! She'll be excited by these hidden gems and it'll help you rack up some "Best Boyfriend Ever" points.

When you're done this list, don't just add the ones you're interested in into a mental note. Make plans, surprise your girlfriend, and go have fun seeing more of Baltimore!

32nd Street Farmers Market

Where: 400 E 32nd St

A farmers market is an odd date choice, but here's why it works. You two can head over in the late morning or early afternoon and walk through the vendors together. You can pick up some snacks and taste some samples. You can also pick up some fresh fruits, veggies, and other ingredients to make a nice home cooked meal together for dinner tonight!

While she's looking around for something, you can sneak away and buy her flowers. They're for her, but they would make a great centerpiece for dinner. Oh, and pick up some homemade candles from a vendor there too. Voila! 

Waverly Brewing Company

Where: 1625 Union Ave

Stop yourself from ordering the same beer and go to the Waverly's Tap Room to get a taste of their new, seasonal, and experimental beers. At any given time, they have 6-8 beers for you to try in the Tap Room. And listen, even though their specialty is beer, you don't have to stick to just that. Waverly also offers a variety of wines. Oh, and make sure to try their ginger beer if they have it! It's supposed to be extra delicious.



Where: 3534 Chestnut Ave

Curiouser and curiouser. Bazaar is the most bizarre gift shop in the world. It doesn't sell things like, an "I heart Baltimore" t-shirt or gaudy touristy gifts. But it does sell things like weird medical equipment, taxidermy, animal skulls, and framed butterflies. You don't know what you're in for until you go there and take a look around. You could spend hours there trying to make sure you don't miss a single item. 

Take the afternoon to challenge your GF to see who can find the weirdest object in there. Winner gets bragging rights and maybe has to get the loser to buy them a drink after.


Baltimore Museum of Art

Where: 10 Art Museum Dr

A museum might not be your first choice, but consider it anyway. It's free, you can hide out here on a rainy day, and there are always so many different exhibitions going on that you can just skip to the one you find interesting.

It's not always artifacts or paintings. You can see light installations and immersive art pieces. So get in there and interact with the art!


Ma Petite Shoe

Where: 832 W 36th St

Shoes, socks, and chocolate? What a combo. It's weird, but it works. You've probably walked past the store before, but didn't dare go in. The quirky exterior matches the interior and it's filled with shoes from all over the world. The shoes are designs you'd never see in Payless or Aldo. They are wonderfully unique and funky. 

Your girlfriend might not walk away with a brand new pair of shoes, but she'll probably enjoying perusing the store and landing on a chocolate bar she'd like to buy. Get a bunch of bars and save them for a Netflix night!

Café Poupon

Where: 225 N Charles St

Paris in Baltimore? It's possible. This Parisian cafe makes exquisite French food as well as classic baked goods. It's a great brunch spot, but if you want a small snack after walking around downtown just order the macarons. They are tasty and pair nicely with a hot cup of coffee.

And even though baked goods taste the best when they're fresh, there's no harm in picking out a few other items for you and your girlfriend to take home! 

Bengies Drive-In Theater 

Where: 3417 Eastern Blvd, Middle River

A 30-minute drive will get you to a movie-going experience like no other. Travel back in time when drive-in theaters were all the rage and see classics or even new releases! A movie is playing rain or shine so just check out what's playing and head on over.

This is the perfect cozy date because you can wrap up in blankets, eat some snacks, and relax as you watch on the big screen under the stars. Be careful! You might become addicted and you'll only want to watch movies like this now.


Jones Falls Trail

Where: 4915 Greenspring Avenue

If you are looking for a chill date, do a leisurely walk on this trail. It's romantic to stroll through wooded areas as you hear the leaves crunch underneath your feet. If you are a pet owner, bring your furry friend along too! Enjoy each other's company in nature and watch the leaves change color and fall to the ground. 

Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower

Where: 21 S Eutaw St

It's not exactly a secret since it's a part of the Baltimore skyline. You've probably passed it a million times. But people tend to skip the inside and they don't tour the top of the tower. 

You can take a guided tour that will take you there! Don't pass up the opportunity for a photo shoot by the clock. And don't be embarrassed to ask someone to take a photo of the two of you because that will be a cute couple photo. 


George Peabody Library

Where: 7 E Mt Vernon Pl

Can you believe this gorgeous building exists in Baltimore? It is a research library so the books might not appeal to everybody, but that doesn't mean you can't admire the architecture. Take a walk, sit at one of the tables, and just look around you. This library looks like it came straight out of Hogwarts and any Harry Potter reference in real life is a win.


Gwynns Falls Trail

Where: Leakin Park

Follow the Gwynns Falls stream as you walk on the 15-mile trail. The entire trail is within the city's limits so you can stop at any time and see civilization. It's not always like that with trails! So walk as much as you want and then quit to go eat some food. 

Patterson Park

Where: 2900 E Lombard St

Did you even go to Patterson Park if you didn't visit the pagoda? The pagoda is the main attraction there because A) it's stunning and B) you can climb up and get a great view of Baltimore. But there are other things you can do there too! The park always holds free events, there's an ice rink, and there's a nature center too.

Dovecote Café

Where: 2501 Madison Ave

Come to Dovecote for a sense of community and for a good meal. There are only good vibes when you enter the cafe. Everything feels inviting and you instantly feel at home here. Check out their delicious brunch or their baked goodies! 


Lake Roland Park

Where: 1000 Lakeside Dr

This park has it all for the scenery. As you make your way through the park, you will see woodland, wetlands, rocky terrain, and all kinds of rare plants. It also serves as a nice area for a picnic. Pack sandwiches, cheese and crackers, fruits, some bubbly, and you've got yourself a perfect picnic.

WC Harlan

Where: 400 W 23rd St

Bring a touch of mystery to your date when you take your partner to this bar. You can tell the bar was very much inspired by the 1920s speakeasies. The entrance is just a door that says "Enter" on it. So look out for that and not any huge signs! If you're not sure what to get, apparently their Old Fashioneds are the best. It's made with black walnut bitters and makes for a great fall drink.

Red Canoe

Where: 4337 Harford Rd

Don't you get hungry browsing bookstores? This is the answer to that. The store specializes in children's books, but also carries a variety of YA novels too. If you don't find anything you like, just head over to the cafe for some breakfast or lunch. The smell of food mixed with books is intoxicating.

Atomic Books

Red Canoe is a daytime activity and Atomic Books is for the night. This bookstore has graphic novels, magazines, comic books, and so much more. They also serve beer! So crack open a cold one and read your latest purchase. Not too shabby for a date, right? Get your nerd on together!

Cylburn Arboretum

Where: 4915 Greenspring Ave

It's easy to want to stay here forever. You and your girlfriend will want to spend the whole day walking the grounds, walking through the wooded trails, and checking out the gardens. Oh, and you can't miss the historic mansion. The arboretum is free and open to the public all year round, so take advantage of it!

B. Willow

Where:  220 W 27th St

Your girlfriend will die over how cute this shop is. The interior is filled with light and plants everywhere. It's an Instagram photo shoot waiting to happen. Make sure to check out the indoor plants they carry and maybe you two can buy one together. It will be your plant baby that hopefully you can keep alive! 

If you two have trouble with that, the shop also offers a range of workshops! Drop by to learn about how to plant cacti, how to build a terrarium, and how to care for plants.


Baltimaze Escape Rooms

Where: 31 Light St

Your relationship will be tested as you race against time to escape. You can be anything you want here! You two could be secret agents or people from the Victorian era or private detectives. Their escape rooms are pretty hard given their low success rates, but that just means you two are committed to a challenge! Buckle up, don't panic, and don't freak out at one another. Remember, you are on a date and this is supposed to bring you two closer together, not further apart!


Sherwood Gardens

Where: 4310 Underwood Rd

Sherwood Gardens is known for its tulips, but you can still visit the beautiful gardens far past the peak of tulip season. In the fall, the gardens host a number of bands and musicians to play in the evening. So bring a blanket, some food, and hang out with everyone for a night of good music.


The Book Thing

Where: 3001 Vineyard Ln

You aren't allowed to pay for a book. It sounds too good to be true, but it's not. There isn't a limit on how many books you can take. So browse and take to your heart's content. You two can maybe choose a book to read together! Of course, it is recommended that you also donate some books as well. So bring along the books you and your SO have already read or the ones you know you're never going to read and hand them off in a cool swap!


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