Last week, Narcity reported that three world-renowned mountain climbers were killed by a deadly avalanche in Canada. On Monday morning, it was confirmed that the Banff avalanche victims were well-known mountain climbers that were famous across the world.

On April 18, 2019, Narcity reported that three climbers were presumed dead after scaling a large mountain in Banff National Park over several weeks. Just five hours ago, Parks Canada confirmed the news that the mountaineers died in the recent avalanche in Banff.

Immediately after news broke of the rumoured accident, air surveillance was deployed and the trio of climbers was not found right away. 

Several days later, it has been confirmed that three men died in Banff National Park after successfully climbing Howse Peak. The climbers were all world renowned and known for their mountaineering skills. Each climber also had a significant following online, particularly on Instagram. 

According to CTV News, Jess Roskelley, David Lama and Hansjörg Auer were reported to be missing last Wednesday after they failed to check in with family. They had reportedly reached Howse Peak summit and were descending when the avalanche hit.

Due to bad weather, the three climbers weren't found by rescue teams until Sunday. After they were reported missing on Wednesday, rescue teams began efforts to locate the missing men. According to CTV News, poor weather conditions prevented officials from searching on Thursday and Friday.

On Saturday, searchers were flown into the area using long lines and used probes to search the area to prevent a human-triggered avalanche.

Finally, the bodies were found on Sunday.

A photo of the three climbers was posted on Roskelley's Instagram 17 hours ago. You can see the image above that shows Roskelley (left), Auer (centre) and Lama (right).

The photo pays tribute to the famous climber and gives thanks to those who have reached out following his unexpected death. The caption reads, "Mountains help me navigate what is most important to me. They balance the chaos that is regular life. Balance is what I strive to accomplish in climbing - a balance of life, love and mountains. Alpine climbing is a life-long commitment. I live and breathe it.” - Jess Roskelley.

It continues, "The response we’ve received from the climbing community and the myriad of family, friends, acquaintances and The North Face team has been unbelievable. Our deepest condolences go out to the families of David Lama and Hansjörg Auer. Jess looked up to the two of them and was so excited to climb with them."

Friends and family of fellow mountaineer Hansjorg Auer posted a similar sentiment on his Instagram where he talked about the cost and danger of mountaineering.

This story feels all too reminiscent of another incident where three young travellers died in Shannon Falls, BC last year. Three well-known YouTubers and adrenaline junkies died in a waterfall-related accident last July.

Just last month, a special avalanche warning was issued across parts of Canada. Due to the warm weather, this becomes the season when mountain ranges will be most susceptible to avalanches due to ice melting. Please keep in mind that it's important to stay aware of weather warnings especially if you're thinking about hiking or adventuring in mountain regions.