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Banff's Infamously Awful Swiss Village Hotel Is Finally Getting Torn Down

The reviews were nasty with a capital "N"

There have been countless horrific reviews online detailing the hotel's dirty sheets, safety issues, and overall grossness for years. Finally, Banff’s Swiss Village Hotel is officially being demolished and replaced thanks to Banff Caribou Properties. The project will include an update to its neighbouring property, Inns of Banff and will be kicking off this Fall.

According to the Rocky Mountain Outlook, one of Banff Ave’s less luxurious hotels will be razed and replaced with a new 175-room hotel at 600 Banff Ave. This new introduction will be the second phase of Caribou Properties’ development plans. The first phase deals with a pretty serious makeover of Swiss Village’s neighbour, Inns of Banff.

Caribou Properties’s President & CEO, Gordon Lozeman told the Rocky Mountain Outlook that the two new hotels will build on the successful model of The Fox and The Moose in Banff. Amenities will include a brand new lobby restaurant and a new outdoor hot pool.

Though some Banff residents may be sad to see the two long-standing hotels undergo these radical changes, the upgrades are sure to offer higher quality to hotel guests. Speaking of quality, guests have been less than satisfied with the Inns of Banff and Swiss Village in recent years. Taking to Trip Advisor to share their thoughts, these folks are not happy.

One reviewer called Swiss Village “way overdue for upgrading,” another said “the whole complex could do with a complete overhaul,” and one especially displeased visitor wrote “Swiss Village is disgusting,” continuing to say “Mold. Nasty smells. Stains on bedding (Mud? Chocolate? Poop?). Noisy from paper thin walls and critters living in roof (Squirrel? Mouse?),” and it doesn't stop there.

With visitors literally recommending an update, it’s clear that this new announcement will be welcomed with open arms. Banff is a gem in Alberta and it deserves a new spot like this! The project will take three to four years until full completion and will begin with the renovations of the Inns of Banff in the fall.