Losing a pet is a sad and scary experience, especially if all hope is lost. That seemed like the case for one Ontario family until their beloved cat, Tuscan, was found 32 days later. The family was reunited with their lovely fur baby after their neighbour had trapped the Barrie cat and released it many kilometres away from his home back in July of this year.

Tuscan, a lovely orange and white feline, disappeared back on July 24. He was found walking along the side of the road near County Road 90 and George Johnston Road at around 8 p.m. on Aug. 25 in Essa, Ont.

That's when a couple stopped, took Tuscan and drove to Street Cats Rescue in Barrie where Carol Snow, director of Street Cats, recognized him immediately.

"We knew right away it was him," said Snow to Narcity.

Upon identifying Tuscan, the rescue noticed that Tuscan had lost a lot of weight but somehow managed to stick it out on his own for 32 days.

"He definitely lost some weight, he was starving, but he was not dehydrated," said Snow. After inspecting the kitty, they could see that, thankfully, he didn't appear to have any injuries.

"He did have a sort of rub mark on his nose which we often see when cats are left in traps," Snow added.

After confronting the neighbour, both police and Tuscan's owners, Brian Chard and his fiancée Devon Miller, were surprised how detached and careless their neighbour seemed while confirming she had captured their beloved pet and released it away from their home, according to BradfordToday.

The Toronto Star says that neighbour in question was ticketed under a Barrie bylaw.

It truly is remarkable - a miaow-ricle, you might say - that Tuscan was able to survive that long out in the streets. It's safe to say his family is more than grateful to have him back in their lives.

Snow advises pet owners to keep their fur babies inside to avoid situations similar to this. Thankfully, though, cases of kit-napping at the hands of neighbours don't seem to happen too often, notwithstanding last week's remarkable story about a dog being stolen in Ontario cottage country.

You never know what can happen, though, so keep a close eye on your beloved pets!

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