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Baskin Robbins Is Bringing Back Their Butter Tart Ice Cream & It's So Canadian

They also have a new surprise party flavour.
Baskin Robbins butter Tart Flavour Is Back & It's A Perfect Canadian Treat

The hot weather is here, and already Canadians want to cool down. They might also want something sweet to help deal with everything else going on. Luckily, Baskin Robbins butter tart ice cream is making a return for the summer

The popular ice cream chain is bringing back the uniquely Canadian flavour, which was first introduced in August 2019.

Its release coincided with national butter tart day, which is a holiday that everyone should be able to get behind. This year, it will be available just in time for Canada Day.

The delicious-sounding treat features sugared pie pieces and a brown sugar butter ribbon. Yes, it already has our mouths watering.

Butter tarts are a quintessentially Canadian treat. While they can sometimes include things like pecans or raisins, purists will say that it's only a real butter tart if all you find in the flaky pastry is the gooey, sweet brown sugar filling.

The beloved dessert even made a surprise appearance as a potential candidate in the 2019 Canadian election. Alright, they didn't really, but they would have been a great write-in candidate.

For those who may not like butter tarts (who are you, anyway?), Baskin Robbins has also introduced another dessert-based flavour for the summer season.

The company famous for its 31 flavours will also be introducing a colourful new ice cream called Surprise Party.

This one features tasty buttercream paired with cake batter pieces. Basically no matter which flavour you choose, you're getting your daily dose of butter.

Surprise Party is the flavour of the month for June and will also be available through July, so you can have your cake and eat it too (in the form of ice cream).

Baskin Robbins is currently offering take-out and drive-thru service at its store locations. It is also available through delivery apps like Skip the Dishes and Ubereats.