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This Baton Rouge Brewery Set Up A Boozy 'Lemonade Stand' To Serve Their Draft Beer

Alcohol consumption has gone up since people have begun quarantining, and it's easy to see why. With fewer responsibilities, fewer reasons to get in your car and go somewhere, and fewer ways of having a good time, many have realized that the opportunities to crack open a cold one have grown exponentially. Now, a brewery in Baton Rouge has caught on and is selling their beer to-go in true "lemonade stand" fashion. 

As of yesterday, April 6, Rally Cap Brewing Company in Baton Rouge has begun selling their beer to-go in order to keep business up and customers happy.

Locating their side door will lead you to a stand where an employee will be ready to sell you their many options of booze.

Statistics show that alcohol consumption has gone up by 55% due to the pandemic, making this brewery's creation much more enticing for those stuck at home.

According to their most recent Instagram post, Day Game Cream Ale, Exit Velocity Hazy IPA, First Pitch Hazy Pale Ale, are just a few of their options to choose from.

Their menu could change depending on the day, so we recommend visiting their website and ordering ahead, or even just going to their stand with an open mind.

They'll have plenty of options to choose from, after all!

By stopping by, you'll be supporting a local businessand keeping your fridge stocked. Everybody wins!

Ordering to-go will make the process of picking up one, or four of your favorite cans of beer that much easier.

You can even get your favorite draft beer poured for you and capped with a lid if you'd rather enjoy that than canned beer.

And, of course, the less interaction with people, the better.

Their beer is handmade, so if you choose to wait to order upon arrival, you could be waiting for a bit.

Whichever option you choose to go with, we know you'll be leaving back home happier than you came. 

Rally Cap Brewing Company

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Brews

Address: 11212 Pennywood Ave., Baton Rouge, LA

Why You Need To Go: To keep your fridge stocked with the best local beer around town.

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