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BC 'Owl's Perch' Cabin Is A Cozy Adult Treehouse Hidden In The Woods

You're going to want to rent this baby right away. 🌳
BC 'Owl's Perch' Cabin Is A Cozy Adult Treehouse Hidden In The Woods

For those of you who've always longed to hide out in a secret treehouse, this is just the place for you. A B.C. Airbnb listing is offering a cozy adult treehouse to renters, and it's all up for grabs if you move fast enough. This treehouse in Sooke, British Columbia is ideal if you're itching for an island vacation away from other people. 

The Airbnb posting lays out all the details, so you can feast your eyes on the photos and begin marking the days on your calendar right now. 

This treehouse is 30 feet above the ground, so you're literally floating in the air during this unique vacation.

Plus, the view from this sky-high abode is phenomenal. From the "Salish Sea to the mountains of Washington State," as the description reads, the sights are far-reaching and totally worth the trip. 

The description mentions that the cabin is ideal for two guests, so it's up to you whether you want to make it a romantic adventure for two or a peaceful solo retreat. 

As for the prices, it ranges between $189 and $228 per night, depending on when you decide to go. 

During the peak summer months of June and July, it will be between $223 and $228, whereas other months will cost you $189 per night. 

Additionally, prices for cleaning, service, and occupancy taxes and fees are not included in the per-night estimate. So make sure to crunch the numbers before getting your credit card out. 

If the pictures don't sell you on this treehouse, we don't know what will. 

Other amenities offered by "superhost" Amanda are WiFi, Netflix, a kitchenette, an indoor fireplace, a coffeemaker, and so much more. 

For a treehouse nestled between "large cedars and a giant maple," we'd say those offers are not bad at all. 

Whether you want to hear the birds singing outside your window, catch up on all your Netflix shows, or do a bit of both at the same time, this is the island destination for you. 

In case you do want to leave the den every now and then, walking along the "Galloping Goose Trail" for five minutes will take you to the Sooke city centre and potholes. 

Owl's Perch can be accessed through 50 steps to the canopy, and there is also a ladder to reach the loft bedroom. 

There is also a beautiful deck located in the tree's canopy for you to hang out on while you enjoy your morning coffee and evening wine. 

If you're someone who's seeking a serene, spectacular stay deep within the woods, you've found yourself a winner. 

Owl's Perch

Price Per Night: $189-$228

Neighbourhood: Sooke, Vancouver Island, BC

Why You Need To Go: Become one with nature 30 feet off the ground in an ultra-secret treehouse. 

These prices and terms of occupancy are confirmed at the time of publishing, but they can change at any time.