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This Sunday Could Be The Last Daylight Savings Time Change Ever For BC

But it depends on our neighbours.
B.C. Almost Scrapped DST And Might Fully Do It Soon

Daylight savings time has been a massive headache for so many sleepy commuters out there. That's why, late last year, B.C. almost scrapped DST for good. While the change isn't in place yet, it could happen very soon Sunday, March 8 could be the last time you have to adjust your microwave clock in the evening.

On Thursday, October 31, 2019, the B.C. government introduced a bill that makes it super easy for them to get rid of DST.

This came after a tidal wave of bleary-eyed locals begged them to finally get rid of the thing. In fact, a mind-boggling 93% of people surveyed said they'd be better off without it.

However, we're not sure when the change could come — the Ministry of the Attorney General in B.C. told Narcity they're waiting for their neighbours in Washington, Oregon, California, and Yukon to make the change before taking the leap.

"We will continue to monitor proceedings in the U.S. as they unfold," they continued.

A release said it would be much more convenient in terms of trade if everyone was on the same page time-wise, and 54% of locals agree.

"While the bill doesn’t immediately shift the province to permanent DST, it puts us in position to do so quickly," said B.C. Premier John Horgan in the release.

Despite the uncertainty, the gears of change are already churning all the states mentioned are already in the process of making the leap.

The Ministry of the Attorney General said Horgan has been talking with Washington, Oregon, and California.

They said Horgan "received assurances they are pushing forward with their plans and notifying their federal government of their intentions."

Doctors say DST is more than an annoyance it could actually jeopardize your health. The lack of light in the mornings when turning the clock back an hour could lead to increased risks of heart attack, stroke, and other bad times said Dr. Beth Ann Malow to WebMD.

Plus, the sleep deprivation over losing an average of 15 to 20 minutes of sleep makes us more accident-prone on the roads, WebMD continues.

With all the factors finally coming together, this Sunday, March 8 might just be the last time change in B.C.

We'll finally be up to speed with all the other provinces that scrapped the concept already.

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