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Several Canadian Provinces Are At Risk Of "Significant Snowfall" This Week & It's Almost Summer

It's officially June but the weather forecast says otherwise.
Several Canadian Provinces Are At Risk Of "Significant Snowfall" This Week & It's Almost Summer

The calendar may show that it's almost summer in Canada, but the weather did not get the memo in some provinces. Despite it already being June and just a few weeks until the official start of summer, several provinces are still at risk of winter-like, snowy weather. BC and Alberta's weather forecasts predict a "significant snowfall" risk this week, according to the weather forecast.

Get ready for a dramatic change of events. Currently, it is sunny and around 22ºC in Alberta cities like Calgary, shows the forecast from The Weather Network. However, there ain't no rest for the wicked, because snow is in the forecast for Southern Alberta. 

"The end of the week will look somewhat different for balmy southern Alberta as well, as the risk of high-elevation snow moves back into the picture," said The Weather Network in their forecast

A number of regions in Western Canada are forecasted to receive some heavy snowfall. "Significant snow is expected for the central Rockies and possibly into adjacent areas of western Alberta, including the Hinton area, late Thursday through Friday night," said Weather Network meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham. "Snow could also extend into the southern Rockies."

Alberta is not the only province forecasted to receive some significant snowfall – parts of BC could see wintery, snowy weather as well.

According to the map from The Weather Network, areas close to the BC and Alberta border, as well as the Nelson area and regions close to Whistler.  

[rebelmouse-image 25936822 photo_credit="The Weather Network" expand=1 original_size="680x383"]

Besides the threat of snowfall, temperatures are also expected to drop drastically and be colder than normal, according to The Weather Network. Say goodbye to 20ºC-like, summer weather. 

Even though winter was supposed to end months ago, Alberta has seen snowfall throughout the spring season. You may have thought May was the last of the winter weather, but it looks like it could be making a comeback this week. 

Storms are also expect to hit Alberta this week, which could be some good news for the wildfire situation. Alberta is currently battling several active, out of control wildfires. Unfortunately, as of now, the storms are not expected to be a significant help. 

"The next storm targeting the Prairies late week will bring widespread beneficial rain for days, though some areas are expected to miss out on the heaviest amounts including the critical wildfire regions like the High Level area of northern Alberta," says The Weather Network. 

So get ready Albertans and British Columbians – it looks like a rollercoaster of weather changes is coming your way this week. 

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