Disturbing Video Shows A Random Person Pushing An 84-Year-Old Woman Off Her Walker In BC

Police need help identifying the suspect.
BC Assault: A Random Person Pushed An 84-Year-Old Woman Off Her Walker (VIDEO)

The police are looking for some answers after a disturbing B.C. assault got caught on video. On Thursday, May 28, Burnaby RCMP announced that they need help looking for a suspect who pushed an 84-year-old woman to the ground outside a transit station. They shared the video to help the public identify the person responsible. 

According to Burnaby RCMP, the whole thing took place on April 3, 2020, on Central Boulevard near Metrotown SkyTrain Station in Burnaby, B.C. 

As shown in the video provided, a woman wearing all-black is seen walking across the area. She approaches the elderly woman and is seen kicking her in the back of the legs, tripping her to the ground. 

The suspect immediately takes off after the attack, while the victim falls from her walker and onto the ground. The suspect is seen walking off in the opposite direction. 

"The 84-year-old woman was shaken and thankfully not seriously injured," reads the police statement. 

While the suspect's face isn't very clear in the video provided, RCMP says that they're hopeful that anyone who knows the suspect will recognize something. 

The suspect is being described by the police as "possibly Asian, female" and has "dark brown hair." 

At the time of the assault, she was seen wearing a face mask, black tights, a long dark puffy jacket, and light shoes. She was also carrying a beige purse that day, the police said.

RCMP also added that right now they don't have any information to believe that the elderly victim who is Asian was targetted due to her ethnicity. 

"However based off of what we are currently observing taking place in neighbouring municipalities it is an active investigative avenue," read the statement. 

Burnaby RCMP said that they don't collect data on race and ethnicity related to specific offence types in order to remain bias-free. 

But in recent weeks, the police have noted "some concerning incidents in which members of the Asian community in our City have been targeted." 

Burnaby RCMP has reportedly responded to calls regarding victims who were subjected to racial slurs or businesses which had racist graffiti sprayed in and around their premises. 

Chief Superintendent Deanne Burleigh of Burnaby RCMP said, "There is no place for crimes of this nature in our City." 

The RCMP has also ramped up patrols, on foot and bicycle, in "crime hotspots around the city in recent weeks." 

They're asking the community to come forward if they have any information about this assault.

The community should also be vigilant about reporting "any crimes targeting members of the Asian community in our City," they said.