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BC Beach Airbnb Is A Romantic Fall Getaway Your S/O Will Love

Romance and beaches go together like cheese and wine. We found a beachfront cottage nestled deep in the trees on Chesterman’s Beach in Tofino will make you fall in love with you S/O all over again. This B.C. beach Airbnb called Heron’s Perch is the most romantic spot in Tofino overlooking the water and it's exactly the getaway you need this fall. The house has amazing oceanfront views but it's still private and cozy.

You and your S/O can enjoy magnificent sunsets from your deck chair and hot tub, or fall asleep to the soothing sounds of the pacific ocean all from the comfort of your warm, soft bed. 

The location of the cottage is this Airbnb's biggest attraction. Tofino is known for its dramatic ocean coastline and all the surfing. You’ll wake at Heron’s perch not to a smartphone alarm, but to the sounds of ocean waves and birds. 

The smell of the forest surrounding the cabin will envelop you as you make your way out your door to Chesterman beach. What makes this cottage especially unique is not just the cozy and warm wooden interiors, but the way the glass doors dance with the horizon’s shifting light and dramatic sunsets, making your experience in the cottage truly magical. 

The cottage usually takes in two to four people and has an extra suite downstairs with another bedroom that can be rented additionally. Couples and groups of friends can travel together, while also having a private space to retreat to in the evenings. 

While you can rent the additional suite downstairs to ensure maximum privacy, the house is designed in such a way that the downstairs suite can get access to the beach through the side of the property rather than walking in front of the deck — this way couples can get maximum privacy. 

The cabin also has comfortable beds with down pillows and comforters, along with a pull out sofa that is as big as a queen bed. 

Nearby the cabin, you can drop by the Wickaninnish Inn to eat if you don't feel like cooking. You can take in the sights and catch bald eagles and whales nearby. If you just want a comfy night in, the cabin has great board games and comfy reading chairs. 

Since the cabin is located on a quiet sanctuary of migratory birds, the owner requests that you ask before bringing your dog, for which there is a $40 per pet fee. 

Don’t miss out on creating the romantic memory of a lifetime at Heron’s Perch. Tofino is one of the best places for couples to travel.

Heron's Perch 

Price Per Night: $365 per night

Address: Chesterman Beach, Tofino, B.C. 

Why You Need To Go: Dreamy beach views and sunsets, all from the comfort of your room. 

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