BC Officials Say They Want To See 'Zero Cases' For Days Before Lifting Restrictions

When will this be over?
BC Could Start To Lift Restrictions Once There Are 'Zero Cases' For Days Say Officials

As rules for staying inside start to change around the world, the province is finally giving us a glimpse at our future. B.C. could start to lift restrictions only when there are no new cases for "a number of days," officials now say. However, they admit that there's a bit of wiggle room in there too.

"What we want is to be able to see a decrease," said B.C.'s Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry in her daily update on Thursday, April 23.

"Obviously I'd like it to be zero for a number of days. That is the aim, the goal, and ideally zero for many weeks," she continued, explaining how there should be no new spread for several days before the province starts loosening restrictions.

"But I do recognize that we have a little bit of room to play — play's probably not the word — we have a little bit of room to ease within that if we are able to do it safely."

According to Henry, by levelling the curve, B.C. has spread the number of cases throughout the province. That's why she said it's "not surprising" that new infections are still popping up, albeit in smaller numbers.

With that in mind, if we're careful, we might be able to reopen some businesses again with certain restrictions.

Being careful, according to Henry, would include a solid safety plan for when restrictions on restaurants ease, maintaining social distancing, and not seeing too many friends too quickly.

Large gatherings with people outside our circles are where the virus could "catch fire and take off again."

Meanwhile, cities and states in the U.S. are talking about lifting or easing restrictions around COVID-19.

For example, Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman said she wants businesses to reopen, even though the city and state of Nevada are still seeing new cases daily.

"Some of the comments the mayor of Las Vegas made are very concerning," said Henry. "We don't have that approach."

"Now is our time to really get on top of that, for people to be acutely aware if they're not feeling well and to get tested," said Henry.

"This is our time to try and bend that down, not just bend the curve and flatten it out."