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BC Dream House In The Mountains Has A Breathtaking Waterfall Grotto Pool (PHOTOS)

Find the hidden grotto behind the waterfall. 🔍

Some people dream of a house with a white picket fence. For me, if I'm going to have a dream so pie-in-the-sky as owning real estate in B.C., then I'm going all out. This is basically the ultimate B.C. dream house because it has a grotto pool with a waterfall so every day can be a spa day.

Why get an ordinary house when you can get one that feels like you're at a resort 365 days a year? This house in Squamish, B.C. is between Whistler and Vancouver so you can enjoy the best of the city and the mountains from here.

If you watched MTV's Cribs back in the day, then you might notice something. The Playboy Mansion also has a grotto pool, so right here in B.C., you can literally kick back like Hugh Heffner.Plus, when you're soaking in a mini-tropical oasis you'll also be soaking in the mountain views. The town of Squamish is surrounded by stunning views and if ever get bored of the pool, some of the best trails are right in your backyard.

While it's not a lap pool, more for fun than fitness, you can still get your workouts in because there's a massive gym inside the house too. 

It even has a one-bedroom guest suite so you can invite friends from all over to crash at your place and spend a weekend in paradise whenever.

That aqua water would be so inviting in the summer months. Behind the waterfall, there's a grotto where you can chill out and get a break from the sun. 

Inside, the house is crisp and modern. Skylights and windows bring a ton of light into the space and white walls make it feel really large inside.

At just under two million dollars, this is a dream house for anyone who loves the outdoors and pool life.

You might never actually even get a chance to go inside because you'll be hung up on the stunning pool outside, but the interior of the house is still pretty cool.

Grotto Pool House

Price: $1,998,000

Address: 40141 Diamond Head Road, Squamish, BC

Description: If you're going to spend millions on a home near Vancouver, at least get a wildly cool tropical oasis with a grotto pool out of it.

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