A man in a wheelchair was killed on Saturday afternoon after getting hit by a train in Chilliwack, BC. 

Chilliwack RCMP say that officers arrived on the scene shortly after 530 PM and found one person dead and another with non-life threatening injuries.

Train kills man using wheelchair at rail crossing in Chilliwackhttps://t.co/P95jp6uLIk pic.twitter.com/4W241PJY21

May 27, 2018

When a BC man was trying to cross a set of train tracks in Chilliwack yesterday, his wheelchair got stuck on the track. Two bystanders noticed that he was stuck and rushed to his aid to try and free him before he was struck by the oncoming train.

One witness told CTV News that she saw two women trying to get someone off the tracks whose wheelchair or scooter was stuck. She said they tried to get him free from the track, but when they couldn't free him, they jumped out of the way as the train approached.

One dead, one injured after Chilliwack train crash https://t.co/hNzjt1r0UO pic.twitter.com/szH2RiZKti

May 27, 2018

She said that one of the women didn't move fast enough out of the way and the train hit her arm. She was taken away in an ambulance.

Both bystanders tried to free the man but when they couldn't, he was ultimately struck by the train and died. 

This terrifying incident reminds us to always be careful and cautious when crossing train tracks.