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B.C. Man Water Skied Through The Streets In A Speedo After A Massive Snowmelt (VIDEO)

It was a rainy weekend for most of B.C. and the impacts included mudslides, floods, and intense washout. While people around the province were stranded and growing concerned, one man decided to make the best of a bad situation. A video has surfaced of a B.C. man water skiing through the streets of Fernie following a massive snowmelt. In typical 2020 fashion, the entire thing was caught on video and shared online. 

The video shows a man in B.C. water skiing behind a massive truck on a busy residential street. 

The man, identified in the Facebook thread as Zak Mousseau, was wearing a speedo at the time.

In the video, taken by Lisa Vincent and reposted by Melissa Rodger, it was “a little wet out there” on February 1, 2020.

On Saturday, February 1, Fernie was hit with insanely warm temperatures including highs of 6 C and lows of 0 C, says AccuWeather

Because of this, snow began to melt rapidly.

Instead of just enjoying the early spring, one resident saw this as the perfect opportunity to brush up on his water skiing skills in the streets. 

The runoff this weekend was so serious that there were massive floods around the province. Hundreds of skiers even got stranded at a resort in the Fraser Valley.

Luckily, this man's fate was a little more positive.

No word of a lie, the Fernie man tied a rope to the back of a truck and was towed around the residential block. 

Infotel has stated that the hilarious scene took place on 11th Avenue next to several homes.

In the video, you can tell that the man was dragged for quite some time through the streets to show off his obvious skills. 

The man is wearing next to nothing as he does it and even though there are literal mounds of snow around him, he does not seem to mind. 

To add to the hilarity of it all, the vehicle had a snowmobile in the bed of the truck. 

A ridiculous move like this literally couldn’t be any more Canadian and we think it’s perfect. 

At no shock to anyone, the video has gone viral with over 8,000 shares on Facebook.

Fernie is typically known for having intense snowfall.

Even though the area was lucky enough to see high temperatures, parts of Alberta didn't share that luck and actually received up to 70 centimetres of snow over the weekend. 

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