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$23 Million Mansion In BC Is So Extra That It Deserves A Spot On 'Selling Sunset' (PHOTOS)

Who needs Los Angeles when you have this. 😍
BC Mansion For Sale Is $23 Million & Deserves A Spot On "Selling Sunset"

Since not many of us have been lucky enough to win the lottery, we're forced to daydream about what our perfect house would look like. B.C. has no shortage of absolutely gorgeous real estate but a recent home we discovered looks like it should be on Selling Sunset. This B.C. mansion for sale has everything you could need in a home and then some. 

For those of you that don’t know, Selling Sunset is the show you need to be watching right now. 

Filled with drama, amazing scenery, and iconic high-end real estate in Los Angeles, it's the perfect recipe for a reality show. 

The homes in the series are truly jaw-dropping and there's something oddly intriguing about watching the rich and semi-famous live their lives. 

But these epic homes aren’t just in Los Angeles. There's a massive mansion in B.C. for sale right now and it looks like it fits the criteria for the show. 

This $23,888,000 home is located in West Vancouver and it legitimately looks bigger than a city block. 

Coming in at 8,871 square feet of living space, the five-bedroom and six-bathroom pad isn’t too hard on the eyes. 

The mansion is basically all windows which means you will have panoramic views of Stanley Park and Vancouver Island. Of course, you'll be seeing ocean for as far as the eye can see, too. 

The waterfront property even sports a pool and a jacuzzi in the backyard attached to a massive wrap around deck that's perfect for entraining. 

When you’ve had enough sun, head inside and watch a movie in the theatre room.

Did you really think this property wouldn’t have an entire private movie theatre? 

There's even a massive gym so you can stay fit without having to leave the house.

The main floor of the mansion has a huge kitchen and living and dining area, all perfect for you aspiring chefs out there. 

No matter what room you’re in, you will have views of the ocean and all the natural light you can handle. 

It may not be one of the cheapest homes in B.C. but it definitely is one of the most beautiful and it absolutely deserves a spot on Selling Sunset

West Vancouver Mansion

Price: $23,888,000

Address: 3190 Travers Ave., West Vancouver, BC

Description: This mansion has more amenities than most hotels and a panoramic view of the ocean to match. 

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