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B.C. Mansion For Sale Makes You Feel Like You're In The Jungle (PHOTOS)

Even though it's $4.5 million, it's free to look. There's a B.C. mansion for sale right now that will take your breath away. It's like you're living inside a jungle resort right here in Canada. The cedar wood exterior, expansive bright indoor spaces and the insta-worthy pool make this home worth every dollar.

Our province has no shortage of jaw-dropping real estate that makes Beverly Hills look tired.

There's our famous Cave Mansion built into the mountainside that looks like it's straight from a fantasy.

Or, if you really do want to feel like you're living the California Dream, then there's a cliffside beach house in Kelowna that's better than a Malibu beach house

But we like to keep it close to the city, so this West Vancouver home that will make you feel like you're living in a Bali resort will have to do. 

This house is straight from the pages of a magazine. It has a massive pool and deck area that would make it ground-zero for epic summer parties.

Every room seems to face the courtyard outside, making it feel like a luxury resort hotel rather than a home. It's like living in an actual oasis.

The pool is simply incredible. Imagine if you lived here, your friends would always be asking to swing by and use it.

The house flows seamlessly between the indoors and outdoors. We can imagine that people would even pay to spend a weekend here just like at a real resort.

There are five bedrooms and five bathrooms, so if you wanted to split the house with four other couples then you could maybe even afford to put a bid in and live life like you're on vacation.

West Vancouver Jungle House

Price: $4,699,000

Address: 4552 Piccadilly Rd. N., Lower Caulfeild, West Vancouver, BC

Description: Bask by the pool and pretend you're in the thick of the jungle at this magical mansion oasis.

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