A Squamish officer is receiving backlash for an elaborate stunt they pulled off during a motorcycle festival last weekend. The BC Traffic Services officer was injured in a motorcycle stunt during the festival which prompted a police investigation.

A video of the incident has been circulating on social media and was posted on Instagram by Squamish Motorcycle Festival.

The video depicts the stunt in which the officer squared-up with another rider, the two motorcycle's wheels were directly lined up with one another. Both drivers then accelerated in unison, causing the back tires to spin out and generate smoke. This caused a spectacle for those watching nearby.

After just a few seconds of stunting with the other bike, the officer’s front tire moved slightly to one side, sending the bike forward, right into a third motorcyclist. When the officer’s motorcycle hit the other bike, that bike was then sent into a group of bystanders. This is where the video ends.

Supt. Holly Turton told CTV News that this act violated the expectations of herself and the RCMP. In addition, she said that she and the RCMP expect their personnel to have better judgment than what appeared to have happened in the video.

There have been no civilian injuries reported, says CTV News, but the officer did have minor injuries and the RCMP motorcycle was damaged.

We’re not sure why this seemed like a good idea or what the ramifications will be at this time. A weird decision turned into an unfortunate circumstance, that we know for sure. Stay tuned for the results and consequences of the investigation.