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British Columbians Feel More Connected To West Coast Americans Than Other Canadians

What do you have to say about this, East Coast?
British Columbians Feel More Connected To West Coast Americans Than Other Canadians

Canada is a special place. Each province is different than the last, offering different landscapes, different types of people, and an entirely unique vibe. If you’ve spent time on both Canadian coasts or traveled to a province far away from your own, you may have noticed some similarities and differences. As it turns out, British Colombians don’t feel too much of a bond between themselves and their Eastern Canadian counterparts. In fact, B.C. residents feel more similar to Seattle residents than Torontonians.

Mario Canseco, president of Research Co., recently conducted a study. According to a press release about the poll, “Two thirds feel they have more in common with the people of Seattle and Portland than with those in Toronto or Montreal.” The poll shows that more B.C. residents believe themselves to have a whole different outlook than other areas of Canada.

On top of thinking they’re wired differently than Canadians in other areas, the survey respondents also seemed to feel more connected to Seattle and Portland than to Toronto and Montreal.

In fact, 66% of British Colombians confirmed it to be true. Looks like that West Coast lifestyle outweighs patriotism in this case.

86 per cent of respondents said they were very proud of their province, British Columbia. In addition, 19 per cent said they consider themselves “British Columbians first, and Canadians second.” On the flip side, 67 per cent agreed to the statement, “I consider myself a Canadian first, a British Columbian second.”

If there is one thing we know for certain, it’s that British Columbians are proud of where they live and they absolutely should be! “Beautiful British Columbia” isn’t an overstatement, that’s for sure.