9 Puppies & Injured Mom Were Just Rescued In BC And They'll Be Ready To Adopt Soon

This is a sign. Yes, you need a dog.
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BC SPCA In Fort St. John Rescued A Dog And 9 Puppies & They Need Homes Soon

Prepare to experience a whole whirlwind of emotions. The BC SPCA in Fort St. John is currently looking after a mother dog and her nine adorable puppies after they were brought in by a good samaritan. The backstory of the canine family is heartbreaking but the insanely cute and resilient dogs are almost ready to be adopted. 

The BC SPCA has just released a series of pictures of possibly the cutest rescue puppy family ever. 

A mama dog and her nine little ones were initially brought to the sanctuaries care in Fort St. John by a person who happened to stumble upon them. 

The mother was in bad shape. Underweight and suffering from severe physical trauma including swelling around her spine and two dislocated shoulders, SPCA workers are unsure what happened to her. 

Not only was she in pain from her injuries but she, now named Nova, had constant discomfort from ear mites and a skin rash. 

At this time, she is on multiple medications, cage rest, and is doing physiotherapy to decrease swelling in her joints. 

Because of her medications, Nova can no longer feed her puppies. 

[rebelmouse-image 25980183 photo_credit="BC SPCA" expand=1 original_size="768x386"]

Staff and volunteers have been stepping up and providing the puppies with supplemented feedings multiple times a day. 

While Nova is doing well, she will not be ready for adoption for at least four months.

The puppies, on the other hand, will be ready for adoption in at least five weeks. 

[rebelmouse-image 25980184 photo_credit="BC SPCA" expand=1 original_size="691x717"]

They still need some time to grow in the care of SPCA workers but once you see their tiny little faces, you will understand why they are worth the wait.  

Most of the sweet little angels are black or blonde, with one distinct brown puppy in the mix. 

Once they're all strong and old enough to find their forever homes, they will be posted on the BC SPCA’s adoption page. 

If you are interested in these cuties we suggest visiting the page regularly as everyone has been adopting pets lately. 

Everyone needs a little fur baby to go on adventures with and now is your chance. 

If you still want to support the dog family without adopting, you can do so by donating on the BC SPCA website. 

Stephanie Hilash
Staff Writer
Stephanie Hilash is a guest staff writer
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