If you've ever wondered it's like to have one of those B.C. tree planting jobs, then there's no better time to find out than next summer. While there isn't a complete census available of how many tree planters work in B.C., estimates from the Western Forestry Contractor's Association put the number at around 4000. With B.C. about to massively increase the number of trees planted this coming summer, there's going to be plenty of jobs up for grabs.

John Betts, the Executive Director of the Western Forestry Contractors’ Association spoke to Narcity by phone about the potential upcoming labour shortage in the forestry industry.

"The industry this year had enough labour to plant 270 million seedlings," said Betts. They're expecting to increase that amount by 15% next year and in order to make those numbers, "it’s going to take another 500 workers at least."

There will likely be a ton of forestry jobs up for grabs next summer, many that have no experience required. One of the biggest challenges for the industry right now is getting enough skilled workers.

"The moment you start adding more crews, you need to start having more supervisors and managers. That’s one of the areas where we might be shorthanded," said Betts.

The CBC reported that as many as 1,000 tree planters could be needed next year. That's a huge demand for forestry workers. The demand will be even stronger if you consider the new promises coming out from the major political parties.

For example, the Liberals have declared that they'll plant 2 billion trees over ten years. Also, the Green Party has made a similar claim although their plan is to plant 10 billion trees.

One of the best places to find a tree planting job is by checking out Replant.ca or even by asking your friends. "If you ask around, there are a lot of tree planters among young people in Canada," said Betts. Your next summer job could be just a conversation away.

Seasonal jobs in Canada are great for when you're in between school semesters or you haven't quite found your fit yet. You're guaranteed a unique experience and this is a far cry from a desk job.

Replant.ca's job page has a ton of info for anyone looking to get a tree planting job. If you're looking for a unique seasonal job and don't have a ton of experience, this could be a good fit for you.

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