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BC Is The Only Province That Can Expect A Better Than Normal Winter This Year

B.C. and the Yukon are the only parts of Canada that'll have it good this winter.

Not that you need one, but here's another reason for you to love B.C. The Weather Network has released their official predictions for the winter season in Canada. It turns out that the B.C. winter forecast for 2019 predicts milder than normal weather for most of the province. With the exception of the Yukon, it's the only part of Canada that isn't expecting exceptionally cold and stormy weather this winter.

For the most part, B.C. enjoyed pretty mild temperatures this fall. While we have had some winter storm warnings and highway closures, it's nothing compared to what Ontario's been through this November.

While we don’t get the harshest winters, it’s always nice to know what we can expect beforehand. 

The Weather Network's predictions show that B.C. is going to have a much more mild winter season this year, especially when compared to other parts of Canada. 

Warmer than average weather is expected in most of the province's northern and coastal regions, The Weather Network reports. Northeastern B.C. and the southern interior, on the other hand, are in for a regular winter this year.

However, despite the good news, rain and snow are still expected. According to the data, the north coast region is expected to get above-average rainfall and alpine snow. 

Other areas will not be seeing as much moisture. Dr. Doug Gillham from TWN has stated that people can expect to see fewer than normal rainy days at the south end of the province. Southern coastal regions can expect drier conditions this year, unlike the province's usual rainy winter. 

This may be excellent news but don’t get your hopes up. The dry pattern will be breaking down at times, leaving us with the potential to see several weeks' worth of rain in just 5 to 10 days. 

This weather event isn't something B.C. hasn't already seen this season, though. In the fall, parts of the province literally saw a month's worth of rain in just a couple of days. 

But just because we are going to have a mild winter doesn’t mean ski season is over.

The Weather Network stated that “periods of active weather should coincide with the periods of cooler weather, allowing ski areas to pick-up substantial snowfall at times.”

For places like the central and southern Rockies, near-normal to above-normal snowfall and temperatures are expected. 

While you may love winter and all things that come along with it, just be thankful we won't be crushed by snow and freezing temperatures like many parts of Canada. 

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