Canadian Woman Bets $3 & Wins The Largest $2.1 Million Slot Prize In History

She didn't eat or sleep for two days after the win!
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Canadian Woman Bets $3 & Wins The Largest $2.1 Million Slot Prize In History

Some of us will never know that feeling of winning incredibly big. But one person knows exactly what that is like. A Prince George woman won the largest $2.1 million slot prize in history. The incredible thing is that she only bet $3!

According to BCLC, a Prince George woman is the proud winner of the largest Powerbucks jackpot ever won. She literally took her $3 bid and made it into something that only people could dream of.

On July 13, 2019, Marlyne Dumoulin’s life changed forever and she is still trying to get over the shock of it all. According to a press release by BCLC sent to Narcity, Dumoulin was at Treasure Cove Casino in Prince George with her husband. She was playing for a chance to win Powerbucks' $1 million or more progressive jackpot.

After placing a $3 bet, she thought she won $2,100. It turns out, Dumoulin actually won $2.1 million - the largest ever win in Powerbucks jackpot history!

“I was just in shock. I thought I had won $2,100, but my husband who was sitting beside me said he thought it was a lot more than that,” said Dumoulin.

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That night, the excited Dumoulin was unable to eat or sleep. In fact, she didn’t do either of those things for two entire days, as she tried to process what had just happened!

“That night was so surreal … I wasn’t able to sleep or eat for the first two days. I actually have bandages on my fingers from chewing my fingernails.”

Dumoulin hasn’t come out to say what she will do with the money, but whatever she does it is well deserved!

BC has had some pretty large lottery winners in the past. Most recently, a janitor and grandpa from Surrey won $7 million in the lottery. Despite his larger than life win, he kept his job because he loves it so much! But he did reduce his hours.

Another person from Surrey won $2 million just two weeks ago after waiting in line for pizza! Had she not been waiting so patiently, this story may have had a different outcome.

Stephanie Hilash
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