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This Canadian Grandma Thought She Won 10 Cents In The Lottery But It Was Actually $10 Million

Not a bad way to start off a long weekend if you ask me.
This Canadian Grandma Thought She Won 10 Cents In The Lottery But It Was Actually $10 Million

None of us think that we could actually win the lottery, but every week, we play the numbers and cross our fingers. Winning was just as unexpected for one Canadian woman. So much so that at first, she did not believe it. When she finally realized she had won some money, she thought she was only looking at 10 cents. Turns out, this BC woman's won a $10 million lottery but thought it was just a 10 cent win.

On Thursday, April 18, 2019, a woman from Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia had the biggest surprise of her life. Vivienne Mills was awarded $10 million from the BC Lottery Corporation for her recent lottery win. However, at first, Mills didn’t believe it. 

Mills, a BC grandmother, explained that she chose her winning numbers through the lotto’s quick pick options on On that Thursday morning, she had found out she had won! Mills, being optimistic, thought she just won a free play. After not receiving an email for what she thought was a $1 free play, Mills woke up the next morning to something completely different. 

In the email sent by BCLC, it said she was a winner. When she checked her account, she thought she saw that she had won 10 cents. “My eyes kept moving to the left and then I saw the ten million,” said Mills. 

Mills then rushed to wake up her sleeping husband to double check if the email was fake. The questioning couple also phoned BCLC who then confirmed that she was the winner of the $10 million grand prize. 

Now, Mills plans on using the money in a number of ways. First, she will be buying a smaller car for herself. She also plans on taking her husband on a cruise as well as sharing some of the money with her grandkids.

Mills is also thinking about giving a portion of her win to local charities. For this BC resident, this would mean doing something for the medical clinic back at her home as well as helping out with senior citizens. 

Mills had only been playing the PlayNow lottery for two years before her huge win. “I always say that if I win, I win, and if I don’t, I don’t. My husband was shocked. We’re both still shocked.”