Hidden away on the luscious green peaks of Tod's Mountain, a stunning paradise is waiting to be discovered. Imagine the opening scene from The Sound Of Music, but with hundreds of colourful wildflowers. That's the sight that awaits you at BC's alpine floral festival, a magical event that uncovers the beauty of Sun Peak's mountains.

Every summer, Canada's second largest ski resort sheds its blanket of snow and bursts into bloom. Wildflowers cover the alpine, attracting visitors from far and wide. The Alpine Blossom festival, held at Sun Peaks Ski Resort, is dedicated to showcasing these vibrant flowers when they are at their finest. 

The festival runs for only 2 days in mid-summer when the wildflowers reach their fullest bloom. This year, the festival will be held July 20 - 21. The event takes place at Sun Peaks Resort, less than an hour's drive from Kamloops, BC. 

It's a good idea to stay for the full two-days, as you won't want to leave Sun Peaks once you're immersed in its magnificent beauty. The festival includes tons of fun events that take place throughout the picturesque resort village.

To access the hiking trails and wildflower views, you can take a scenic ride on the Sunburst chairlift. You can also bring your mountain bike along if you're looking for something a little more fast-paced. There are scheduled hikes with a group during the festival, but you are also welcome to explore the blossoming fields on your own time.

There are lots of other free activities to take part in once you've seen the wildflowers (though you're probably going to want to go several times!). You can take participate in activities such as alpine yoga, the rock climbing wall, bungee trampolining and canoeing. Enjoy live music from multiple artists as you wander the quaint streets, or relax in the spa after a long day of hiking.

Before heading out, download Sun Peak's flower guide so you can hunt for them on your blossom adventure! The views are stunning so make sure you have lots of space on your phone... you're going to be snapping a lot of pics! 

Alpine Blossom Festival

Price: Resort prices can be found here

Address: 1280 Alpine Road Sun Peaks, BC V0E 5N0

Why you need to go: The festival boasts spectacular views of wildflowers as they light up the stunning mountain fields. You won't see views like this anywhere else!