You Can Finally Go To BC's Dreamy Drive-In Theatre This Weekend But Capacity Is Limited

Tickets are already on sale!
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BC's Drive-In Movie Theatre Is Finally Opening This Weekend But Capacity Is Limited

It’s time to start planning your next date night or solo self-care adventure. B.C.’s drive-in movie theatre is opening on Thursday, April 30 and tickets are already on sale. While this is exciting, it may look a little different as capacity is limited and social distancing protocols will be in place. But either way you slice it, it’s still a dreamy movie night under the stars. 

In case you didn’t know, B.C. has possibly one of the cutest drive-in movie theatres around. So cute, that a man once proposed to his girlfriend there

Located near Enderby, the Starlight drive-in is what summer dreams are made of. When the doors open for the season, that means summer is officially underway. 

According to their website, opening weekend will kick off on Thursday, April 30. 

Even though most businesses are closed due to COVID-19, the theatre will be opening its doors with some new health protocols in place. 

If you have ever been to the theatre, then you know the capacity is quite large. But this year, the owners will be trying something new and reducing the capacity drastically. 

To accommodate social distancing measures, each car will be spaced out by at least 20 feet. 

When you drive in, someone will direct you to where you need to be. Once you are parked, your vehicle is meant to stay there, so no cruising around. 

Of course, sitting outside and in open hatchbacks is still allowed but everyone is asked to stay inside their 20-foot parking stall.

Another rule will be to purchase tickets online before you go. If you visit the Starlight website you can find tickets easily. 

Tickets start at $13.75 for one person in a car and go up to $36 for a family admission of three or more people per car. 

You will still be able to get all your concession needs, however, there will be limited products. If you are going with a group of people, just be sure to send one person out to get the snacks. 

With everything going on, movie releases have been put on hold. This means that Starlight will be playing their favourites from past seasons. 

The classic double feature for this weekend includes Sonic the Hedgehog and 1917. 

Tickets for the Thursday, April 30 to Monday, May 4, showings are on sale now through the Starlight website and if you are thinking of going, you may want to act fast because once word gets out, everyone will be making plans. 

Whether you are looking for a date night or just an excuse to get out of the house in a safe manner, Starlight has you covered. 

So get that hatchback filled with pillows and blankets or just grab a lawn chair or two cause it’s movie time. 

Starlight Opening Weekend

Price: Starting at $13.75

When: Thursday, April 30 to Monday, May 4

Address: 5341 BC-97A, Enderby, BC

Why You Need To Go: A movie under the stars is so dreamy and is the perfect excuse to get out of the house for a couple of hours. 

Stephanie Hilash
Staff Writer
Stephanie Hilash is a guest staff writer
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