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You Can Explore These Hidden Caves Surrounded By An Emerald Green Lake In BC This Summer

Looking for adventure? This summer, you can explore these magical caves hidden on Vancouver Island around a jewel-green Lake. Little Huson Regional Park has unique cave formations that are unlike anything you've ever seen! Surrounded by deep pools filled with clear water, you'll feel like you're in a hidden magical glade.

Even total beginners who've never been in a cave before can enjoy the caves! Make sure you bring a flashlight with you. There are signs and trails that tell you where to go. Explore the dark openings to the caves along the riverbank and explore the Vanishing River Cave and the Eternal Fountain Cave.

These limestone caves and arches are simply incredible. There are few places in the province where you can see formations like this without having to fully gear up as a spelunker. Plus, this is the only place in the province where you can see these specific magical geological formations called karst features. Photographers, nature-lovers, hikers and wilderness-seekers will absolutely love these caves. 

You can find the Little Huson Caves on Northern Vancouver Island. It's a six-hour drive from Vancouver. You can pair this experience with one you'll find in nearby Telegraph Cove where you can go kayaking with killer whales! Anyone planning to explore BC and Vancouver Island this summer will definitley want to put these caves on their summer bucket list. The closest town to Little Huson Caves is Zellabos and you can camp for free at Atluck Lake just outside of the park.

For more information on Little Huson Caves Park and to plan your trip, check out this website. If you're planning to explore Vancouver Island this summer, then you can't miss out on these caves. You can also check out this hiking trail that leads to a secret blue lake!