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BC Is Supplying Trump With Material For The N95 Masks He Refuses To Share With Canada

It's the only mill in the world to make this pulp.

Canada's still working hard to get medical supplies over to the U.S., regardless of current tensions. One mill is working around the clock to send B.C. materials to the U.S. for mask manufacturing.

The Harmac Mill in Nanaimo is the only place of its kind to make this unique pulp. According to Harmac Pacific's president Levi Sampson, their company creates a very specific, soft blend of pulp, made mostly from western red cedar.

This fibre is able to be weaved in with synthetic materials to create the medical masks and gowns needed by frontline health care workers, Sampson told the Canadian Press.

With supplies around the globe running low, Harmac has had to amp up the work. Production got especially hectic after a customer recently doubled up their order. To meet demands, they've been working "around the clock." 

That customer was from the U.S., reports Vicnews. While Sampson didn't tell the Canadian Press who their American customer is, he did clarify that it isn't the manufacturing company 3M.

"We’ve never had a doubling for this grade of pulp, so you can tell that there’s some supply problems out there," they said to the Canadian Press.

Narcity reached Harmac Pacific for comment. This story will be updated.

On Friday, April 3, Trump asked the manufacturing company 3M to stop sending N95 masks to Canada, according to the company's news release.

3M said stopping the shipments had "significant humanitarian implications."

Trudeau also shot back, calling Trump's move a "mistake." However, Canada hasn't retaliated as of yet.

Harmac president Sampson told the Globe and Mail that restricting trade across the border would hurt both countries.

"This is a global issue and supply chains, especially of medical supplies making their way to the front lines, should be everybody’s priority," he said to them.

Despite the tensions, many Americans have written apology notes to Canadians over Twitter over their government's actions.

It seems that, in spite of everything, people across the nations are trying their hardest to keep the friendship between them alive.