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You Can Soak In Secluded Hot Springs Next To A Bright Turquoise River In BC

Nature really rewards those with an adventurous spirit.
You Can Soak In Secluded Hot Springs Next To A Bright Turquoise River In BC

Hot springs are just like Mother Earth's spa. British Columbians obsessively seek out natural geothermally-heated and mineral-rich waters just so they can enjoy a relaxing hot soak. Natural hot springs beat a hot-tub any day—there's something magical about them that we just can't recreate.

There are plenty of well-known hot springs in the province where you can relax and soak in the warm, mineral-rich natural springs. Harrison Hot Springs Resort is the most popular place close to Vancouver for hot springs-seekers. Up north, the Liard Hot Springs might be the most beautiful in the province! 

Dotted around BC, there are other hidden hot springs but they're so secluded and isolated that they're almost impossible to get to. The Pitt River Hot Springs don't seem that far away from Vancouver when you look at them on the map, but they're almost impossible to reach. For those brave enough for the adventure, they're treated to a scene that's straight out of a fantasy movie.

These secluded hot springs have an incredible view of the turquoise blue Pitt River. It looks like an infinity pool carved into the rocks! You can basically put your hand in the cool, rushing river while chilling out in the natural hot tub. This surreal scene is almost like a dream sequence and it's totally worth the adventure it takes to arrive here. 

Getting to these hot springs is no joke! The easiest way to do it is to fly in by helicopter. Librico Helicopters will take you and four of your friends there for $3000. Hardcore adventurers can get there by bike and boat but we don't recommend that if you're not totally experienced. 

For more information on the Pitt River Hot Springs and how to get there, check out Travel British Columbia's website.