Need a swimming hole with an edge? This summertime hangout on Vancouver Island is literally right next to the abandoned ruins of a failed resort and it's spooky. This might be the most interesting swimming hole in the province!

This gorgeous spot has an unfortunate name—The Sooke Potholes. The name doesn't do this place justice! The unique geological formation and the natural swimming pools are all thanks to glacial action 15,000 years ago when massive boulders carried by the river got stuck in the bedrock and were swirled against the walls of the canyon.

With one of the cleanest, clearest rivers rushing through it and the crazy pothole formations, you have to check this place out this summer. Even if you don't go for a dip, you can still explore the ruins hidden in the middle of the forest and it will be quite the summer adventure. 

BC isn't known for its ruins, but we do have these mysterious ruins that are worth checking out! The old bones of the never-realized Deertrail Resort are perched high above the Sooke Potholes. You can imagine if the massive castle was ever completed that it would have a stunning view of the rushing river below.

Here's How To Find This Hidden Gem

Sooke Potholes Provincial Park is on Vancouver Island, about 3.5 hours and a ferry ride away from Vancouver. It's very easy to get to, there are plenty of signs and it's not far from the highway. You can get driving instructions on Google Maps and navigate there easily. 

For more information on the Sooke Potholes, you can visit the BC Parks website.