You Won't Believe This Incredible Spotted Lake In BC Actually Exists

You won't believe this is real!
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You Won't Believe This Incredible Spotted Lake In BC Actually Exists

Spotted Lake is unlike anything you've ever seen before. The picturesque lake consists of over 300 pools and looks like a fictional trick of photoshopping.

Despite how unnatural it looks, Spotted Lake does indeed exist near Okanagan Valley in British Columbia! The lake consists of 300 separate pools of concentrated minerals, that give each pool a unique colour.

If you want to visit The Spotted Lake, make sure to visit during the summer. The rest of the year it looks like any other lake. As the lake is one of the hottest spots of Canada, in the summer months the water evaporates. When this happens, the minerals in the lake become viewable as spots.

No visit to The Spotted Lakes will look the same. Over the summer, the spots will change in size and colour as the water further evaporates. Each of the spots will range in colour from blue, green or yellow, depending on the minerals.

The lake is a sacred site for the First Nations People of the Osoyoos area, who refer to it as Kliluk. They have been using the lake for healing for centuries, as they believe that each pool has unique healing properties.

The Spotted Lake is 4.5 hours from Vancouver and is only a short drive from some the world-famous Okanagan Valley wineries. The lake is on private property, but the public can view the lake from the gate next to Highway 3 west of Osoyoos. From the gate, you can get some amazing photos so we do not encourage anyone to pass the gate onto private property. 

If you would like to view the lake up close, you can book a private tour with Swiwis Spirit Tours that will last for 6 hours and costs $99 per person. 

For more information about Spotted Lake visit Destination British Columbia's website.

Stephanie White
Staff Writer
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