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This 30 Minute Hike Takes You Along A Suspension Bridge Past A Rushing Waterfall In BC

For the lazy person with an adventurous spirit 🤠

In an outdoorsy province like BC, there are plenty of adventurous spirits around who love getting out in nature and pushing themselves to the limit! We love hiking to the top of mountains just for the view and hiking all day just to find hidden glacier-blue lakes. For those among us who aren't as outdoorsy and adventurous (or who just need a rest day), there's a 30-minute hike not too far from Vancouver where you can still get up close to a waterfall and discover a suspension bridge in the forest.

This easy hike to Cascade Falls will only take you half an hour to complete and you get a huge payoff for not much work! Round-trip, this trail is less than 1 KM so it's great for beginners and casuals. For me, the best hikes are always the ones where you can comfortably carry a cup of coffee and a conversation, anyway! Not sure if that's still technically considered a hike but I don't care. 

The view of the falls from the suspension bridge is spectacular. There's also a wooden platform nearby to get you a little bit closer and maybe even feel a little bit of mist action. Plus, this suspension bridge is totally free to check out making it an affordable adventure. You'll definitely want to check this place out next time you're feeling like a lazy adventure! It's the perfect hike if you're recovering from exercise or if you just want to take it easy. 

You can find Cascade Falls outside of Mission about a 1.5-hour drive from Vancouver. After your hike, you can treat yourself to a burger and shake at the diner where they filmed the Riverdale pilot! Rocko's Diner is practically right on your way home so it would be rude not to visit. This is an ideal day trip on the weekend to fit in sometime this summer.

For more info on the Cascade Falls and Suspension Bridge hiking trail, you can check out the Vancouver Trails website. They have a ton of useful info for newbie hikers and they'll show you exactly how to find the trail and what to expect.