This 3 KM Trail Leads You To Waterfalls That End In A Crystal Blue Swimming Hole In BC

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This 3 KM Trail Leads You To Waterfalls That End In A Crystal Blue Swimming Hole In BC

Vancouver Island is the place to be this summer in BC! There are so many hidden and magical places to discover, especially if you love exploring the outdoors. Whether you want to go on a far-flung adventure to see hidden caves or you want to explore creepy ruins, there's a ton of options out there for adventure on the island.

If you're looking for an easy day trip from Vancouver to check out a gorgeous natural spot on the Island this summer, this waterfall trail is your best bet because it has everything. There's an easy hike that brings you past waterfalls and then ends at a picturesque swimming hole! Englishman River Falls has a deep and clear pool below its lower falls that's perfect for swimming this summer and you won't believe the colour of the water.

There are 3 KMs of trails that weave through the park's lush forests and there are plenty of chances to view the waterfalls and canyons. There's even a unique birds-eye view of one of the falls as it sneaks its way down a narrow canyon. This is the perfect trip for casual hikers and anyone looking to take a cool, refreshing dip at the end of a hike!

You can find Englishman River Falls on Vancouver Island near Nanaimo. It's about a 3.5-hour drive from Vancouver. There's also a campground at the park open now until September 30. There are plenty of gorgeous spots on the Island worth checking out this summer. If you're looking for a more intense hike, then you should check out this 8 KM hike that brings you to a turquoise blue lake!

For more information and to learn more about Englishman River Falls Provincial Park, check out the website from BC Parks.