If you are searching for the ultimate adventure to go on this summer, this is it! This summer you can go on an insane glamping adventure and see whales in British Columbia! During this once in a lifetime experience, you'll get to see orcas up close and personal.

You won't want to miss the opportunity to take part in this adventure. Wildcoast offers several small group glamping tours to see whales on Canada's west coast between July 1 to September 17.

For this unique 4-5 day glamping vacation, your glamping site will be next to the water in a spacious safari tent. You can either share your tent with a friend or opt to have the space to yourself if you are travelling solo.

During your trip, you'll have the chance to see whales in their natural habit, as you kayak nearby. The nearby area this tour will take you to is one of the prime spots to see orcas because there is a large population of orcas in the summer who feed on the salmon there. You might also get the chance to see Humpback Whales who are sometimes see in the Johnstone Strait too.

For this glamping vacation, everything you need is provided, including your safari tent, cozy bedding, kayak, paddle, dry bag, etc. Additionally, all your meals are included and are prepared by a gourmet chef.When you aren't going out kayaking to see whales, there is still plenty to do. In your free time, you can go hiking in a lush rainforest. Or you can relax on the beach, where you might see whales feeding on the kelp. If you are looking to relax, there is also a sauna and a wood-fired hot tub!

Want to try this experience for yourself? The Wildcoast Orca Camp experience runs until September 17. The trip costs $1,499 and includes all accommodation, equipment, food and your kayaking guide to take you to the whales.

Wildcoast Orca Camp

Price Per Night: $375 a person per night (including food, tour and kayaking equipment)

Address or Neighborhood: British Columbia, Canada

Why you need to go: A once in a lifetime chance to kayak near orcas!

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